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Curriculum Intent Statement

Broke Hall Primary School offers an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum which exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum. It is designed to develop the progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary and to give all groups of children the knowledge and cultural capital they need to be successful.

At Broke Hall we have chosen key curriculum drivers of ‘Independence’, ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World.’ As the names suggest, these elements will drive and underpin the broad curriculum at Broke Hall, making the curriculum personal, purposeful and dynamic, as well as creating an ethos through which we seek to engage and motivate our learning community. Each area of the curriculum has a ‘subject leader’ who is responsible for the quality of education within their subject.

Our curriculum includes;







Design Technology



Modern Foreign Languages and EAL



Sports and PE

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Religious Education

Metacognition and Growth Mindset

Our EYFS provision promotes exciting learning experiences for all children and a curriculum that meets the needs of all, inspiring a love of learning, preparing children for the next step in their education at the end of the Foundation Stage. Our EYFS curriculum covers prime and specific areas, as well as focusing on the acquisition of a wide vocabulary, secure knowledge of phonics and early mathematical skills.

For each curriculum area, end points are identified so that at the end of each year, a judgement can be made against the school’s age-related expectations.

Where possible, we follow a coherently planned and sequenced thematic approach which means that links are made between the subjects, making learning more meaningful and connected. We encourage children to apply their knowledge and skills with increasing fluency and independence.

Topic themes are carefully planned using range of strategies to engage all groups of learners:-

  • educational visits
  • expert visitors
  • immersive learning and scenarios
  • responsive curriculum (local, nationally & global)

A range of appropriate teaching styles are used throughout the school to implement this curriculum and develop the children’s independence, resilience and growth mindset attributes.

At the end of each term, teachers assess the pupils against age-related expectations reading, writing  and maths. Teachers make end of year judgments for all other subjects.

EYFS teachers use ‘Development Matters’ to make judgements about children during and at the end of the year. The assessment of pupils’ work and progress is an ongoing process involving a variety of formal and informal strategies which may be written, practical or oral.

Reporting to parents occurs through parent meetings held in the Autumn and Spring terms, through end of year reports and through additional meetings as necessary.

Please see the links below to the Curriculum and Themes for each year group:


Nursery Long Term Plan 2021-22

Nursery Curriculum 


Reception Long Term Plan 2021-22

Reception Curriculum 


Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Themes 2021-22

Year 1 Curriculum

Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum Themes 2021-22

Year 2 Curriculum

Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Themes 2021-22

Year 3 Curriculum


Year 4 Curriculum Themes 2021-22

Year 4 Curriculum

Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Themes 2021-22

Year 5 Curriculum

Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Themes 2021-22

Year 6 Curriculum overview

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