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Sports and PE

At Broke Hall Primary School, we aim to provide a PE curriculum which inspires a love of sport. Along with this, we want our children to leave primary school having learnt a variety of skills which can be applied to a wide range of sports. Within this, children are encouraged to demonstrate high levels of sporting behaviour where they celebrate others achievements and successes as well as their own. Through engaging and active lessons, we aim to foster an enjoyment of  which will be achieved through experience of and engagement with a range of different sports, both individual and team. Broke Hall also strives to celebrate the sporting achievements of all pupils, sharing sporting successes with them to improve their self-esteem and self-worth. 

PE enrichment opportunities are provided for children through IPSSA sports, Copleston Pyramid and School Games. Some of the sports children will be invited to participate in are:

 Netball league
 Football league (boys and girls)
Tag Rugby
Cross Country
 Swimming Gala
 Kwik Cricket

Curriculum Guidance

Click on the link below for an overview of the progression in knowledge, skills and vocabulary taught across each year group.

Sports and PE Progression Grid

Travel to tokyo challenge

Letter for parents.

Please find below the letter about the Travel to Tokyo challenge. 


Travel to Tokyo Challenges.




 Home learning challenges

Challenge 1 - Skipping - 25.01.21 - 26.03.21.

This activity can be completed over a number of weeks with you recording your weekly score in your scoresheet. Follow Dan the Skipping Man's helpful videos to learn the different skipping challenges for this activity. His videos can be found by clicking on the skipping picture below. You can submit your scores for this each week or at the end of the event by sending a picture of your scoresheet to The deadline for all entries is Friday 26th March at 5pm. 

Skipping information

Year 1 and 2 score sheet                         Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 score sheet

Challenge 2 - Multi-Skills - 25.01.21 - 26.03.21.

This activity is designed to be completed over a number of weeks also. You should record your weekly scores on the scoresheet provided. It is up to you which challenge you wish to complete - have a look at the challenges before deciding your level. You can submit your scores for this event each week or at the end of the event by sending a picture of your scoresheet to The deadline for all entries is Friday 26th March at 5pm.

Instructions for the different events can be found at the bottom of the multi-skills information document.

Multi-Skills information

Score sheet for all year groups

additional ideas to keep active

Here are some great links with ideas of activities that you can complete at home. 

Cereal Box challenge

The video below will explain an activity to you. This game is great for practising your flexibility and seeing if you can maintain your balance. You might even get some of your adults at home to join in too! 

Cosmic Yoga

The cosmic yoga page on youtube has lots of great videos. They are a fun way of travelling on an adventure while developing your balance, core strength and flexibility.

This week's video is all about Superhero Kids in Space. Click on the picture below to have a go.

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is full of short activities which will get you up and moving. Choose from a wide selection of videos by clicking the picture below.

PE at home

There are lots of different activities provided through PE planning which can be completed at home. They are not all active activities so this website is perfect for children who like any aspect of PE - physical or knowledge. Click on the picture below to look at all the different activities that are on offer.