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How can I be most helpful to school?

Parents, you play a key role in making the logistical side of this work. By sticking to the following, you will enable all children to arrive safely and in time for their start of day:

  • Please walk or cycle to school – if you must drive, leave plenty of time to find a space or park a bit further from the school and walk the last bit of the journey.
  • Please arrive at the school gate promptly and not too early (check start times) or late. 
  • Ensure your children do not cycle or ride scooters on school site – they should be walked from the gates to the bicycle park.
  • Please do not bring dogs onto school site. 
  • Follow the one-way system around school – you will soon get used to the system.
  • Please don’t stop to chat to others whilst on school site – you may be holding up others by doing so.
  • Please maintain a ‘social distance’ from others at all times.

I have two (or more) children at school in different year groups.  Why do I have to drop / collect them at separate times?

The Government have said that, at busy schools, we should stagger start and finish times to reduce the number of parents collecting at the same time.  Due to logistics and the number of children we have at Broke Hall this has meant a delay in start times across our year groups. We are aware that this works for families with one child at school but is not so helpful for bigger families. 

We are not able to accept children into their sibling’s classes as this would involve mixing between classes / years. 

In the morning you will not have to wait too long between drop offs as there is some flexibility in drop off times.  However, collection at the end of the school day must be at the set times as the Government want us to provide a full day for each child.

We will review both the drop off and collection process to ensure that any issues are dealt with swiftly.  If there is opportunity to speed the process up, we will look to make those changes. 

Why are Reception children starting with part days?

Starting school can be daunting for some children.  We would previously have offered an opportunity to visit school and even have a school lunch.  This year, due to Covid, we have not been able to offer the same opportunities.  Offering part days allows our youngest children the opportunity to be introduced to school gradually. 

Do I need to wear a face covering?

At the time of writing face coverings have been recommended for indoor spaces.  However, this does not include schools.  Children will not need a face mask in school. 

If you feel more comfortable wearing a face covering whilst you are collecting in the playground you are most welcome.  We would just ask that you make yourself know to the class teacher at collection to ensure we can pair you up with your child swiftly.