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Geography Resources

At Broke Hall we teach geography in units within our themes. As a result geography is taught in a purposeful context and is often cross curricular.

The programmes of study and expectations across the key stages for geography can be found here.

Here are a number of websites can be used at home in order to help support your child’s geographical knowledge whilst also sparking their interest in the World.

National Geographic Kids includes exciting activities to do at home (Home is good), finding out about the World (Discover) Competitions, Games and a Kids club.

Kids World Travel Guide includes Geography facts, Geography trivia, Continent facts, Solar system facts, Ocean facts, World food facts, and Top 10 famous landmarks.


One of the most obvious platforms to use is Google Earth. If used correctly the awe and wonder can be surreal (when last used in my classroom the excitement was palpable.)

The first steps would be to explore one’s own location by searching one’s own post code. Once there, you can select an aerial view and you can then talk about the location of your home in relation to other landmarks. It is also possible to magnify the map and see your home close up. After that you can start to investigate the World. The World is your oyster!

BBC Bitesize Geography has a number of short videos and clips that can reinforce children’s knowledge such as –‘name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding area.’ is ideal for KS2. Reinforcing children’s knowledge in map skills, geographical features, weather and geographical trivia. There are a number of quizzes, games and puzzles to complete.

Stay safe, stay home and find out about the world!

If you would like to share your geographical learning, please email your year group teachers and ask them to forward it to me, I’d love to hear about it or to see a picture of your learning.

Mrs Travis