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Modern Foreign Language Resources

Modern Foreign Languages

We hope that everyone is okay and staying safe at home!

To help pass the time, we thought some of you might like to have a go at improving your knowledge of foreign languages.  

Those of you in year 3 upwards will have started to learn some Spanish in school, which you might like to carry on learning.

When we come back to school, we will be swapping over to learning French in our language lessons. This is a great time for you to get a head start with some French.

Therefore, we are sharing some useful resources and great websites which might help you with this (and they’re all free). These websites include videos, games, stories and activities for you to complete. We would recommend you start with duolingo.                             



Have a go at learning the key words first. Once you have memorised some of these, see if you can start to put a few basic sentences together. You might even like to make a poster displaying the new words you have learnt and what they mean in English. You could email  any these to us on or just email to tell us how you are getting on. It would be lovely to hear from you- perhaps we will even email you back in French. 

Alternatively, some of you might not speak English as your first language. It would be lovely if you could make us a poster about your home language, letting us know what it is, some key words and include pictures. These can also be emailed to

Good luck and stay safe!

   Buena suerte y mantente segura!

   Bonne chance restez en sécurité!

   Viel glück und bleiben sie sicher! 

Miss Corbett and Mrs Duncan