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Musical Resources

Hello everyone,

I am going to be sharing some different musical activities each week to provide some inspiration for things that you could be doing with your children at home.

This week's Suggestions

The first musical suggestion this week is 'Myleene's Music Klass'. She is running free music lessons between 10 and 15 minutes long suitable for all age groups, which cover different musical concepts. There is even a piano lullaby session which babies would enjoy! The sessions are live on Monday and Fridays at 10am but previous sessions are available on Myleene's Music Klass channel on YouTube.

Next, there is a lovely body percussion daily exercise which is only 5 minutes long from Ollie Tunmer (former percussionist with STOMP). These are really fun to do and easy to learn. Maybe your children could copy these rhythms on different items around the house to get different sounds?

Finally, can you create a 'Happy' playlist? What songs make you smile and get you up and moving? I like Katrina and the Waves 'Walking on Sunshine'. Can you move to the pulse with your music? Clap your hands or march? What about some dance moves? Take turns to be the leader with different moves to the beat!

Previous suggestions

I really recommend checking out the Bring the Noise "Play it" game. Pupils can choose from a range of pieces and add or remove layers of sound. They can also keep the beat to pieces and experiment with different sounds to make their own music. There are also colouring sheets to go with each of the pieces for an extra activity that doesn't involve screen time.

Also, encourage singing around the house. It releases happy hormones and makes us feel good! Ask your children if they can teach you a song - we learn plenty in school! There is also a live webcast each evening at 5.30pm, 'Great British Chorus' from Gareth Malone. Some of the warm-up exercises will be familiar to pupils of all ages because we practise them in our singing assemblies, others are more challenging. Regardless, I think the children will enjoy doing the fun warm-up activities with parents joining in! This link takes you to the first rehearsal on YouTube.

Finally, see if you can share your favourite bit of music with your children. We listen to all types of musical genres in school from classical, to Latin, to rock! Play your favourite piece of music or song to your children.

Do they like it? What can they hear? Does it have voices? How many? What does it make them think of? Don't worry if they like it or not, they are learning that it's okay to have different opinions but that they should listen to new things carefully. It may help to remind them to close their eyes as they are listening so that "their ears work harder."

Keep safe everyone,

Mrs Waldock