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Week 2

Dear Parents/ Carers

This week there will be a focus on numbers, with some ideas for number recognition, practical counting and beginning to record numbers. These are a guide to support your child’s understanding of numbers and mathematical language.

In the Nursery at this stage we focus on the following strands for Numbers in the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage document: (30 – 50 months).
Use number language, e.g. ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘lots’, ‘fewer’, ‘hundreds’, ‘how many?’ and ‘count’ in a variety of situations.
• Support children’s developing understanding of abstraction by counting things that are not objects, such as hops, jumps, clicks or claps.
• Model counting of objects in a random layout, showing the result is always the same as long as each object is only counted once.
• Model and encourage use of mathematical language e.g.  asking questions such as ‘How many saucepans will fit on the shelf?’
 • Help children to understand that one thing can be shared by number of pieces, e.g. a pizza.
 • As you read number stories or rhymes, ask e.g. ‘When one more frog jumps in, how many will there be in the pool altogether?’
• Use pictures and objects to illustrate counting songs, rhymes and number stories.  
• Encourage children to use mark-making to support their thinking about numbers and simple problems. • Talk with children about the strategies they are using, e.g. to work out a solution to a simple problem by using fingers or counting aloud.

To support some of these strands you could:
Sing number songs to practice counting, reciting numbers in order, one more, one less using number songs: Five Little Ducks, Five Little Men, Ten Green Bottles. Nursery Rhymes Link

Make simple finger puppets: Red Ted Art                                                            
Look for numbers on everyday objects, packets, meters, clocks. Then encourage your child to practise both recognising and writing numerals to 1 to 5.
Encourage your child to sort toys by colour or size
Watch a Numberblocks clip each day: Numberblocks IPlayer
Play card games: for example, Snap and slapjack. Netmums 11 card games for children

Number while Staying Active
PE with Joe: 9am Monday to Friday The Body Coach
Dance n’ beats Lab
Cosmic Kids Yoga

Mrs Gibbons

Home learning ideas

50 Things to do before you turn 5

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