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Broke Hall School is open and welcoming to all who would like to support the children. We also want to encourage parents and other adults to help teachers in a variety of ways. The role they can play in supporting staff to deliver a high quality education is invaluable.

Please Note: We will only carry out one round of Volunteering recruitment throughout the school year.  This will take place early in the Autumn term.  We will send out a ParentMail with all the details at that time. 

Volunteer helpers are able to help the school through the following activities:

  • changing reading books
  • listening to pupils read
  • supporting individuals or groups of pupils
  • supervising children on school trips
  • supporting pupils during art or other practical activities
  • maintenance of resources
  • being a member of the HSA


The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and for ensuring that they are protected from harm. 

Before a volunteer is able to assist in school, they will be required to:

  • complete an application form (see attached)
  • provide references/character statements (as applicable)
  • undertake an enhanced DBS check
  • complete disqualification through association disclaimer form
  • sign the Volunteer’s Agreement and Acceptable Use of IT agreement
  • attend induction meeting with senior staff and
  • attend Safeguarding training

In school

Parent helpers will receive induction into their role in the class by the class teacher. They will also receive:

  • Emergency procedures training
  • Specialist training (DT equipment/school trips)
  • Safeguarding training

The responsibility for the health and welfare of the child remains with the class teacher at all times.

Work experience

Work experience students will be treated as volunteers. Their induction will be with the Deputy Head Teacher and they will be monitored by their secondary school/college in conjunction with the Deputy Head Teacher/Class teacher.

The Head Teacher has the authority not to accept the help of volunteers if he or she believes it will not be in the best interests of the children. 

Deployment of volunteers in the school is at the discretion of senior leaders.

Full details can be seen in the Volunteer Policy including copies of the Volunteer Agreement and Acceptable Use Agreement.