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Eco Council

Eco Council have made lots of plans of projects they would like to complete around school this year.

One of our projects is to make improvements to the school garden.  We are going to work towards our RHS School Garden Award scheme.

Here is our aim we have submitted for our first award.

“As the school Eco Council we are planning to rejuvenate the unloved school garden by reorganising the flower beds, build new compost bins, set up a wormery and get more children involved in growing  We want to put some of he garden over to bee loving plants and encourage wildlife to the area.  In order to do this, we will involve the school community including parents.”

Eco Council have also been planning activities for the Switch off Fortnight campaign which several schools also participate in.

This year they are going to launch the campaign in assembly and encourage people in school to reduce the amount of electricity they use. 

As part of the campaign Eco Council will be sending some activities home to encourage the energy saving to continue at home.