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Reception New Starters

We are looking forward to welcoming you and you child to Broke Hall in September.  As you can imagine, we have been busy planning for the full re-opening of school and we are now able to share our arrangements with you.

The school hours for Reception classes from September will be:

  • The school day will start at 8.40am and end at 3.05pm.
  • Please arrive on site between 8.30am and 8.40am. Children will be able to enter their classrooms through their external doors from 8.30am.
  • Children can be collected from their classroom doors at 3.05pm. Please do not arrive before 3.00pm.
  • For the first week of induction sessions, children can be collected from the nursery gate. Staff will be on hand to direct you.

Please note these are different from our published school times due to the staggered start and end times that we have in place for September.

We have planned a more gradual induction for the children than is our usual practice but feel that this will be the best way to support your child’s transition into school this year.

As you are aware, the teachers will use the first two days of term (3rd and 4th September)  to make a final video call with small groups to familiarise your child with their new teachers and to give them the opportunity to see the classroom environment and a few other members of their class.

Monday 7th September: Children to attend for morning sessions only

RA: 8.30am -11.30am

RB: 8.30am-11.45am

RC: 8.30am – 12.00pm


Tuesday 8th September: Children to attend for morning sessions only

RA: 8.30am – 12.00pm

RB: 8.30am -11.30am

RC: 8.30am-11.45am


Wednesday 9th September:  Children to attend morning session plus lunchtime.

RA: 8.30am – 1.00pm

RB: 8.30am -1.15pm

RC: 8.30am-12.45pm


Thursday 10th September: Children to attend morning session plus lunchtime.

RA: 8.30am – 12.45pm

RB: 8.30am -1.00pm

RC: 8.30am-1.15pm


Friday 11th September: Children to attend morning session plus lunchtime.

RA: 8.30am – 1.15pm

RB: 8.30am -12.45pm

RC: 8.30am-1.00pm


Monday 14th September: all children to attend all day (8.30am – 3.05pm) from this point onwards.

The following is extra information related to the new procedures for school’s re-opening in September and details of the things that we have put in place to ensure the safety of all our children, families and staff, as well as the smooth running of the school. Please read this carefully as the success of this full re-opening will depend upon everyone both understanding and sticking to these new arrangements. I apologise that it is a lot of information for parents who are new to the school, but it is important that it is shared with you.

Start/End of day arrangements

We are going to stagger the start and end times of the school day to reduce congestion and we will continue with our one-way system for drop off and pick up around the outside of the school. Parents will be asked to enter through the main gates, turn left to go through the gravel area and onto the  playground via the basketball courts, around the outside of the whole school to exit via the pathway beside the nursery.

We are hoping this will work a bit like a luggage conveyor belt so that as you pass the entrance to your child’s class they can enter and similarly on pick up they will be able to join you, as the teacher sees you approaching.

In order to minimise the number of people on site, we ask that only one parent drops off/picks up. We would ask that all adults follow the current social distancing guidelines and encourage the children to do the same. Thank you.

Once you have dropped off your children in the morning or collected them at the end of the day, we will ask you to leave the school site promptly. This is to reduce congestion on the playground and to help adults maintain appropriate social distancing.

We acknowledge that the staggered start and end times are not ideal for parents with children in different year groups but in order to maintain social distancing this is unavoidable. Parents who need to wait between drop off times can leave the school site, walk around the school’s one-way loop or wait in a socially distanced area of the playground. 

No parents will be able to come into the school building unless an appointment has been agreed. Therefore, parents will not be able to come to the school office to drop off items or speak with office staff. We apologise if this appears unwelcoming, but these are essential measures we need to take in order to keep everyone safe. There will, however, be staff outside by the main entrance who will take any messages or items.


Please use the phone or office email to contact us.

Office email:           Office number: 01473 729544

Further information can be found here.