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Year 4 Home Learning

Each day your child will be set a number of short tasks which can be accessed via the links below.  Each sheet will come with simple instructions.  Please try to support your child through this work on the day it has been set.

Many of the English and maths home learning tasks have been differentiated to allow children to access the tasks at a level suitable for their own stage of learning. There is a letter in the bottom left corner of each page to denote the level of the tasks. They are differentiated as follows:
D = For children who are unsure about a concept and need a little extra support.
E = A suitable level for children who are feeling more confident about a concept.
GD = A more difficult set of questions for those who want to challenge themselves further.

Children can copy and complete the questions into their Home Learning book . Children can choose one level to complete and maybe challenge themselves with questions from the next level; there is no expectation for the children to complete all three pages. The questions could also be printed if preferred, though this is not essential. Please encourage your children to complete both the A and B questions.

If you have any questions, please let us know via the home learning email address (

In addition, children should aim to complete one task from the home learning bingo sheet at the bottom of this page (this has now been updated to a .pdf version).


We are pleased to inform you that the children can access Accelerated Reader from home, in order to quiz on their reading book.

The option to quiz is now available between 9am and 5pm each day. Children should log in using their username and password by clicking here: 


To check whether a book that you are reading has a quiz, visit the free ARBookfinder website here: 

'Schools are closed but reading doesn't have to stop!'

Renaissance Place (the providers of Accelerated Reader) have announced free access to pupils for over 6,000 eBooks through 'myON'. The best news of all for the children in Upper Phase is that they will all have quizzes! Click on the picture below to find a book to read. 

READING CHALLENGE - By the end of the week (Friday 3rd April), try and finish a book and complete a quiz using Accelerated Reader. When completing quizzes, please make sure you are quizzing on a book you have finished within the past couple of days. Try to avoid quizzing on books you read a while ago, as it can affect the accuracy of your ZPD score. Most importantly, have fun reading! Maybe you could compile a top ten list of books you have read whilst school is closed?

Monday 30th March 2020

English Task

A Musical World - Story Writing

Using the picture resource, describe your own idea for a new world based around a musical instrument. You could draw the instrument first, then write a description and a story starter based around your idea.

Maths Task



Maths Answers

Tuesday 31st March 2020

English Task

Save Our Habitat

Continue the story or write a persuasive letter or poster asking humans not to destroy the habitat.

Maths Task
Number Lines

(You can draw small versions of the number lines in your books and mark on the required numbers)

Maths Answers

Wednesday 1st April 2020

English Task

Can you continue the story? Start by completing the sentence challenge on the second page. Then write the next paragraph (or two) to move the story on. What might Lawrence do? How might he get help? Could he build his Lego helicopter into something else to help him get to safety?

Maths Task
1000 more and 1000 less

Maths Answers

Thursday 2nd April 2020

English Task

What do you think the Fairy Godmother might look like? Draw your version, then continue the story as explained on the bottom of the sheet.

Maths Task
Comparing 4-digit numbers

Maths Answers

Friday 3rd April 2020

Start of Easter Holidays. The Year 4 team wish you all a happy and safe Easter holiday.

Additional tasks

In addition to the daily English and maths tasks, the children should choose and complete one task from the bingo sheet below. The should aim to complete one of the tasks each day, this can be recorded in their Home Learning book. There are also some extra activity ideas and a spelling booklet to help you practise the Year 4 spellings.

Home Learning Task Bingo

Extra activity ideas

Spelling Practise

Weekly Spellings wb 30-3-2020


Message from Mrs Waldock: "Just to let you know, I have set a new assignment for the Year 4 pupils with their ukuleles.  The pupils will need to click on the 'moon' and then find the 'assignment' logo. This new assignment introduces a new chord and new piece. They should aim to sing it through first and then see if they can clap any of the rhythms on the page. Then they can try just playing the C major chord in the correct place before introducing D minor. Left handers will need to remember that their ukuleles have been strung backwards so that when they are holding their ukulele the top string is G, then C, E and the string closest to the floor is A. There is also a fun piece for them to listen to!" Please use the link below to access the music assignment using your Yumu login details:

Should you have any questions about the work set you can send an email to the class teachers on the following email address:

Any general questions about school or the current closure should be directed to: